Monday, March 5, 2007

Hooked on fishing?

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Let's see... So far, we've discussed several attractions Naples has to offer: culture, art, shopping, dining, beach and golf. Another reason to visit us here is the fishing.

Yes, the temperate waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide a good year-round environment for fishing, whether your preferred technique is fly, spin, plug or bait. You can explore on your own (there are plenty of marinas and tackle shops for boat rentals), you can fish without a boat (on our many rivers and at the Naples Pier), you can fish the canals (especially when the tidal currents are strong) and even the beaches (most productive at dawn and at dusk).

But should you decide to charter a boat for a 3-hour fishing trip, like the one pictured above, make sure there's no Gilligan on board ;-)


Helen said...

If I ever get back to visit Florida, this is something I would do! With or without a Gilligan! I like to live dangerously! LOL

Kate said...

Must be fun! The name Prince Albert always reminds me of tobacco, tho!

Pier said...

Oh yes... I LOVE Naples! We were in a trip in Florida a couple of years ago and stopped there for a night.

And... that night became 3 days! ;-)

Abraham Lincoln said...

Oh my yes, my old neighbor, George Myers, smoked "Prince Albert" pipe tobacco in the red, tin can. I will never forget that.

Florida, in my mind is famous for heat and humidity; rain, and sunshine in that order. And in spite of Disney World trying to make it synonymous with Florida, it is still where my son lives and loves it all.

I really like your photo today. It reminds me a lot of those places I have seen there and visited.

And thank you too for stopping at my blog and commenting about my covered bridge picture. You mentioned that it was "romantic" and I answered there that it was famous for "spooning" and I wondered if you knew what that meant?

Chris & Deb said...

The Old Man and The Sea comes to mind....well, and Gilligan of course!
Wouldn't Hemingway cringe to see that sentence?
What about ice-fishing Isabella? Can Prince Albert accommodate?

Frank said...

A perfect idea for another perfect Florida day. Out to sea with a pipe in my teeth, drink in my hand and friends to make up stories with. Way to go Isabella!

isabella said...

Pier - I'm glad you enjoyed Naples!

Abraham - yes, I've done some "spooning" in my life ;-)

Chris & Deb - yes, we do ice fishing, that is to say, we put ice in our drinks while we fish ;-)

david santos said...

Hello, Isabella! How are you? This work is very good
Good week for you. Thank you

Olivier said...

tu fais un detour par Monaco ;o) tres bon post, j'aime beaucoup, mais je prefere la pêche en riviere, où l'on passe son temps à faire la sieste et manger (le poisson n'est pas si important que cela dans la pêche) ;o)

you make a turning by Monaco; O) very good post, I like much, but I prefer fishing in river, where one spends his time to make the nap and to eat (the fish is not so important only that in fishing); O)

alice said...

Sorry, but i don't know what or who Gilligan is, and i don't know what "spooning" means...but last year, we have catched one fish on board our small boat!(yes, only one, but it is better than nothing...)

isabella said...

Alice - sorry, how arrogant of me to assume that everyone would know Gilligan's Island! I've added a link to the post now.