Thursday, March 15, 2007

Come along! #2

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This is the second installment in a week-long series, where you can join me on a daily walk through my community. Comfortable shoes - mandatory! Floppy sun hat - optional ;-)

The boardwalk from yesterday's post winds through the spills onto this pathway. The lady in the photo is well known in the community for her unorthodox behavior - she walks at a very brisk pace...while reading a book! (see the book in her left hand)

Boy, if that was me, I would trip, fall into the pond and end up as alligator's lunch...


Pat said...

My goodness!

She must keep very level while she does this speed walking. I've done this on my treadmill but certainly not out on the streets!

Great capture, Isabella! (I'd love to visit Floriday someday!)

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Nikon said...

Wetlands isabella, wetlands - not swamp or marshes.
I was offered a job in Naples over the winter but turned it down - I knew nothing about Naples then!

Nikon said...

isabella, I remember u wanted a zoom lens - do you like an SLR?
Pentax has a new inexpensive ( well..........) model out , it should be on that CNET link.

alice said...

Wait for me! I'm coming!Let me just a minute to slip my shoes on!

Kala said...

I really like the turns and path - aligator and all - looks like a beautiful neighborhood and place to exercise!

Dsole said...

Oh, how the heck can she? I would get really dizzy.. I can't read at the same time while walking or running!!
What a sunny day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture and while I love sunshine and things that remind me of summer, humidity makes breathing difficult for me.

Kate said...

Nothing beats good coordination. Have you ever talked to her? I'm glad that you captured someone on that beautiful trail. Interesting photo.

Olivier said...

tres bel instantané, surprenant de lire et de courir en meme temps. Comme toi je ne pourrais pas faire les deux sans tomber ;o) Mais il m'est arrive de courir en foret et de tomber sur une harde de sangliers, et bien tu laisse la priorité aux sangliers ;o)

very beautiful instantaneous, surprising to read and run at the same time. As you I could not make both without falling ;O)
But it me east sometimes happens to run out of drill and to fall on a herd from wild boars, and well you the priority with wild boars leaves ;O)

Chris & Deb said...

Isabella so nice of you to consider the picnic in Minneapolis today but now I understand why you can't(chicken) make it.
Don't know how fast you were walking, but it strikes me that in her hand was a book, and in yours there was a camera!
Seems like an open invitation to those 'gators lurking along the path....

Monica said...

Oh I would trip and fall too, that´s for sure!
This is a lady who doesn´t like to waist any time huh!

I´d love to go for a jogging there, seems nice.

Lessie said...

That is so unusual! I would love to be able to do it though!

Frank said...

I don't know how she stays on the path. By the way, what book was she reading?
Must have been good.

GMG said...

No wonder this Naples has the most millionaires per square mile... Now I know where to go next time in Florida!

Oya said...

Ollie girl and I will join you too...:)

isabella said...

Pat - I thought everyone from Ontario already lives in Florida;-)

Nikon - I stand corrected ;-)
But I cannot believe you would turn down a job in Naples! In the winter! Geez!

Alice - hurry up! I don't have all day ;-)

Abraham - I can't stand humidity either - that's why I am in Naples only during dry season (Oct-May)

Kate, Frank - I'd like to chat with her but she zooms by so fast...and I don't think she'd stop for anyone...or anything.

Thanks all for joining me (you too, Ollie), we are entering our 3rd mile rest up tonight!

angela said...

Your photos are so beautiful, Isabella, and the environment too.
I can't do 2 things at once or, at least, can't do them well. I'd be alligator meat..