Thursday, March 8, 2007


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This is hibiscus, currently blooming around my house in four lovely hues of yellow, peach, pinkish purple and red. You can say a whirlwind of color...

The Chinese hibiscus, a native of China, was introduced to Florida by way of the South Pacific and Hawaii. Most hibiscus varieties have one-day flowers; the blossoms open early in the morning and wilt late that afternoon, however, the flowering season is nearly all year in southern Florida!

"I want real flowers, perennials which not only grow and
change and die, but also rise again and astonish me. A garden shouldn't just
bloom and look pretty; it should develop like the rest of life. Otherwise it,
and we, live only to be spaded under."
Emma L. Roth-Schwartz

Apparently, the only color I am missing is white. Has anybody ever seen a white hibiscus flower?


Kuanyin said...

I've never seen a white hisbiscus...nor have I ever seen an unusual photo like this. It's gorgeous!

prash said...

brilliant picture!

Jing said...

its a cool kaleidoscope!!!
colourful and beautiful and cheerful!!!
Hm...i never notice this, is there white hibiscus flowers??
I should look for some in China.

shanghai daily photo

edwin s said...

Love it! Did you know the Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia? Yup!

Thank you for popping by KLDP today :)

freelancer said...

Nice composition !
Thanks for informations

Bleeding Orange said...

It's a nice composition you've made here.

Kate said...

This is a creative shot, and I envy it! How did you do this, or is it a trade secret?

alice said...

So nice! How did you do that?

ruth said...

You are clever in many ways. I love this treatment, bravo.

We've had white hibiscus in pots before, which is mainly how we display them in MI, although there are some hardy varieties now.

Olivier said...

superbe idee.. Il est superbe ton kaleidoscope. On dirait une bille : une agathe.

superb idea. It is superb tone kaleidoscope. A ball would be said: a Agathe.

Chris & Deb said...

First I wondered if you were showing us your new dishes. this would make for a pretty colorful plate-children would eat all their vegetables because they wouldn't be able to see them!
Okay-seriously, love how you created this beautiful photo! Your creation is a work-of-art all by itself.

Jilly said...

How on earth did you create this wonder! Just stunning. I bow to your creativity.

Jilly x

Oya said...

Izzy, i know that you did not put yourself in jeopardy by taking this photo:)

james said...

can't recollect any hibiscus really....
but if i did see one, it'd probably be white out here....nothing has co color, every thing's kinda gray and bland.

interesting effect with the photo.

Pat said...

I have a white perennial hibiscus in my garden. It has a burgundy throat.

Love your photo today. I, too, thought at first it was a plate! LOL

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Frank said...

Very Nice! And I can't even spot the alligator.

pastorrick said...

A one day life span. I sure glad they bloom all year long.

The Wellspring said...

ooo, this is a great picture! I love the hibiscus - they are blooming all year here as well and the plants grow big as trees.