Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Come along! #6

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This is the sixth installment in a week-long series, where you can join me on a daily walk through my community. Comfortable shoes - mandatory! Floppy sun hat - optional ;-)

Well, I can see that some of you are getting tired of all that walking...The signs are pretty clear: Kate whines, Nathalie is cranky, Chris & Deb are too hot, Pastor Rick wants to hitch a ride on a golf cart and Pat didn't even show up on Monday! What a sorry bunch you are...

So today I'll let you rest a bit on this bench at the edge of the boardwalk and just enjoy the view.
To the right is Spring Creek which we can navigate all the way to the Gulf of Mexico (via Estero Bay). On the left is the golf course.

OK, now that you've caught your second wind, we are ready for our final stretch tomorrow. Be there...or be square ;-)


Nikon said...

Do you play golf, Isabella?

Pat said...

I so sawwwwwy.... I brought you an apple!

We changed to a new webhost on Monday and as a result I was up most of the night on Sunday night to Monday morning trying to back things up on the site and so I wasn't feeling much like walking. LOL

Thank you so much for missing me.

Here I am now with my track shoes on and my bottle of water and raring to go!

Lovely photos today!

Pat's Photos and
Guelph Daily Photo

Pat said...

So, what's the answer, teach? What's the answer about the peculiar cart?

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Thanks for the daily walk this week. I think I've lost 2" on my waist and 10 lbs. :-)

Chris & Deb said...

But Isabella I wanna be the whi-i-i-i-ner!!!!
Now I'm hot-AND-cranky.
When are we gonna be there?
What time is it?
Nathalie's on my side of the boardwalk.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Who knew there was so much walking in Naples? Doesn't everyone drive golf carts?
Won't you be glad when all the Minnesotans go home? :)

Nathalie said...

Oh Isabella what a monster personal trainer you are!

You made me laugh though, so I'll be there tomorrow!

isabella said...

Nikon - the answer is here

ruth said...

Whew (mopping my brow). Are you getting us worn down so you can feed us to your 'gator buddies?

ruth said...

Oh, and about my trip last year, I was totally and utterly alone. I thought it would be fantastic, and in a way it was. But at the end of the 3rd day I was thinking, "and why did I think this was a good idea?" You want to share stuff, you know?

Frank said...

Oh good, a bench. I had too many cocktails from the cart and my legs are wobbly.
Uh oh, if a gator comes along I'll be unable to run away, was that the plan?

Olivier said...

vraiment une superbe ballade, ce ciel n'est pas naturel c'est impossible ;o). bravo pour la photo

really a superb ballade, this sky is not natural it is impossible; O). cheer for the photograph

Denton said...

Since I was late to the walk I had to run to catch up. Thanks for letting us rest on the bench.

Chuckeroon said...

I've been dawdling quietly you never even spotted me!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute ! I will take my scooter - too much green there - it took my energy. . .

Han said...

Beautiful! I love that there's so much greenery.

Carlos said...

A gorgeous pat. I love the exuberant vegetation. Thaat's something we don't see around here. Exuberance. Nice series. You've got one of the most idyllic images in the group.

freelancer said...

waouu, luxurious vegetation..where is indiana jones?

Nikon said...

Thank you so much isabella for that link.
Anybody looking for a good photo & a laugh should click on isabella's answer to me in this series of comments.

isabella said...

Pat - you are forgiven! And thanks for the delicious apple ;-)

Ming - I thought you looked very fit ;-)

Chris & Deb - just wait until tomorrow - you'll get your comeuppence!

'roon - try to keep-up!

Mimmu - no scooters, that's cheating!

freelancer - Indiana is too busy pursuing young ladies ;-)

Nikon - thanks for that kind endorsement ;-)

Thanks all for making this a fun walk!