Monday, January 15, 2007

Art appreciation 101

This past week-end I attended the Bonita Springs Art Festival which ranks #5 in the nation.
What I really like about it is that it limits the food (1 booth) and truly focuses on fine arts. So all this week I will be showing you photos from the Festival in hopes that they will appeal to your artistic side.

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I will start off with the famous "plastic people" and the subject of my Quiz Tuesday from December.

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Some new this year. For information on the artist, please visit here.


Olivier said...

c'est impressionnant, vraiment tres realiste. digne du musée Grevin de paris. Bravo à l'artiste.

it is impressive, really very realistic. worthy of the Grevin museum of bets. Cheer with the artist.

Chris & Deb said...

these humanesque sculptures are indeed amazing! So lifelike-even in close-up.
But really....ONE food booth? That would never fly here in Minnesota....unless it was a really really large booth, and everything was on a stick!

Frank said...

they are so lifelike, up here in Michigan we would put heavy coats on them and then you wouldn't see anything.
One food booth - I hope it was good.
Thanks for the pictures of warm weather, it really helps during the winter.

denton said...

How many beer booths?

The photo from your December Quiz really left one wondering how many were plastic and how many were real.

isabella said...

Are you guys mocking me? (remember that line from the movie Goodfellows?)
Listen-up: one hot-dog/water stand combination. That's it! Nothing on a stick, no beer, no elephant ears;-)))

Gerald England said...

Maybe we are just not fooled twice but these are more obviously sculptures than those you showed earlier -- fine nonetheless.