Thursday, January 18, 2007

Art appreciation 104

This past week-end I attended the Bonita Springs Art Festival which ranks #5 in the nation.What I really like about it is that it limits the food (1 booth) and truly focuses on fine arts. So all this week I am showing you photos from the Festival in hopes that they will appeal to your artistic side.

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Today I highlight some of my favorites from the Festival: Suzy Scarborough's mixed media including acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal, grease pencil and epoxy resin,

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Jeff Ripple's amazing photography,

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and Beth Carver's watercolors of the hefty ladies. Fun, fun, fun...


blueboat said...

I love the hefty ladies - a bit like the lovely Beryl Cook ladies.

Keropok Man said...

i like the green froggies :)
reminds me of kermit the frog.

Olivier said...

tres belles series de peintures, avec une preference pour la premiere

very beautiful series of paintings, with a preference for the first

Frank said...

I like the penguins - they live here in Michigan. We're getting 8 inches of snow tonight. Wish I was in Florida.

Helen said...

I love art festivals. How fun. Thanks for the photos.