Monday, January 29, 2007

Canoe, canoe?

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There's a small canoe and kayak launch in my community. If you feel vigorous enough for a 3 hour round trip, you can paddle along Spring Creek to Estero Bay all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. There are many fun twists and turns as you meander between the coast and barrier islands. The only things to watch out for are the currents and the occasional alligator sizing you up...Feel lucky today?


Olivier said...

et les alligators ne sont interesses par ces canoes ? ils pourraient les prendre pour des grands cousins qui viennent prendre leurs places. Dans ma Dordogne natale, on peut descendre la Dordogne (c'est une riviere) en canoe, mais elle est assez inamicale et il faut faire attention aux tourbillons.

and aren't the alligators interested by these canoes? they could take them for large cousins who come to take their places. In my native Dordogne, one can descend the Dordogne (it is a river) in the canoe, but it is rather unfriendly and it is necessary to pay attention to the swirls.

ruth said...

Jeez, I think I'll pass! Thanks anyway though.

alice said...

Just above, it's me, sorry...About this trip, hem...courageuse mais pas téméraire!

Chuckeroon said...

Thanks for being the first "Stranger" to read my Richmond upon Thames Daily Photo. What a surprise!

Frank said...

I used to have an aftershave called Canoe. I stopped using it because I couldn't figure out why it was called that.
My girlfriend didn't notice.
I have never used a canoe since.

isabella said...

Olivier, just recently I saw a travel video about canoeing down la Dordogne and they advised to use a guide, because of the currents. So you come from that beautiful area? Do you go back home often?
Ruth and Alice - as of today, I am happy to report that we haven't lost any paddlers to the alligators :-) But in all honesty I prefer to go canoeing in a group (safety in numbers)!
Frank, I think you are a bit odd ;-))

dawn said...

It's so lush and beautiful there. *sighs*

Canoeing would be fun.

GiuCe said...

o.0 alligators ?
I prefer look canoes... nice pic ^^

Lavender Lady said...

You lost me on this trip when you wrote "alligators".