Friday, January 19, 2007

Art appreciation 105

This past week-end I attended the Bonita Springs Art Festival which ranks #5 in the nation.What I really like about it is that it limits the food (1 booth) and truly focuses on fine arts. So all this week I am showing you photos from the Festival in hopes that they will appeal to your artistic side.

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This is the last day of this series, so I leave you with the overall ambiance of the Festival

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and an observation: is it just me, or is this Schnauser saying:"enough with the art already, where is that food booth?"


Olivier said...

la derniere photo est tres amusante. bravo pour le coup d'oeil.

the last photograph is very amusing. cheer for the glance.

Nathalie said...

Very interesting series on the Bonita Arts Festival, Isabella. But the last photo with the dog being walked around in a pram rather than just, well, walked, just made my day!!! I'd never seen anything like it.

As they say, only in America!!!

Frank said...

The part I like best is the sky. Izzy, do you appreciate how blue - and WARM - it looks?
People in shorts, palm trees....

Oh, I just woke up, ah yes its snowing again.

ruth said...

This could be our arts festival in E. Lansing . . . except for the palm trees. Cool!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on ELDP today. I will miss regular contact with you, and yes, wouldn't it be great to have lunch and talk about "Best in Show"!