Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Art appreciation 103

This past week-end I attended the Bonita Springs Art Festival which ranks #5 in the nation.What I really like about it is that it limits the food (1 booth) and truly focuses on fine arts. So all this week I will be showing you photos from the Festival in hopes that they will appeal to your artistic side.
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Today I'm focusing on the diversity of the arts represented at the Festival: metalworks,
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and mixed media. What's your preference?


Olivier said...

ces trois expositions sont superbes, j'ai une preference pour "glassworks". Bravo pour tes photos

these three exposures are superb, I have a preference for “glassworks”. Cheer for your photographs

don said...

wow that's nice. My favor is the yellow, red and blue statue's. Like the color and shape

Frank said...

I still don't like the idea of only one food booth but this looks like a very nice show with so much art to see.
I suppose if I was in Florida, in the winter, walking around a great art show, I could eat later.
Are you buying?

Linda said...

Beautiful stuff. I like the flowers the best.