Wednesday, January 3, 2007


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Even reindeer enjoy a respite in Naples, after their busy season;-)

(I certainly hope it's not Dancer or Prancer - looks more like a tired Vixen to me!)


Olivier said...

où se trouve Robinson Crusoé et vendredi ? on se croirait sur une ile deserte. bravo pour la photo Isabella.

where is Robinson Crusoé and Vendredi ? one would believe oneself on a deserted island. cheer for the Isabella photograph.

ruth said...

Wow, Isabella, you have a great eye! That is the perfect tired reindeer. :)

Linda said...

My first thought was that it was a reindeer too. Good to find after Christmas.

Dsole said...

I'm visitng your blog for the first time. i like your photos and the place where you live! This last one is really cool... But it's some kind of Coral, isn't it?

madrid dailyphoto blog

isabella said...

This is actually a piece of driftwood. The beach at the Big Hickory Island is filled with them (more photos to come) after the last hurricaine exposed a lot of the trees roots on the island.

Thanks for visiting and your nice comments.