Saturday, January 13, 2007


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Red Mangrove trees are Florida's true natives. They thrive in salty environments because they are able to obtain fresh water from saltwater.They typically grow along the water's edge and are easily identified by their tangled, reddish roots called "prop roots." That's why they are also called "walking trees", they appear to be standing or walking on the surface of the water (see here).
Mangroves are invaluable to our Eco-System; in addition to providing protection to the coastal area during hurricanes, they serve as feeding and breeding areas for wildlife.


ruth said...

What a beautiful view and photos, Isabella. Mangrove trees are fascinating. This shot has what I love most in nature: water and trees.

Anonymous said...

Isabella, you are a veritable fountain of information about Florida and it's natural world. So wise for such a young person!

alice said...

And to hide some alligators, maybe? Anyway, I would be happy to walk on this footbridge, your photo is very attarctive. Have a nice Sunday, Isabella.

Meg in Nelson said...

What a crisp composition!