Wednesday, January 31, 2007


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Late afternoon's sun reflecting on a golf course gazebo.

"The descending fire descends;
The ascending fire ascends.
The smile of Light Watches their tasks divine
From across the empty space
Where the hands of ether
Salute the golden mystic sun."
Sri Chinmoy


Olivier said...

bravo pour ta photo. la lumiere est magnifique. ce kiosque est tres beau.
il est reserve aux pelicans ?

cheer for your photograph. the light is splendid. this kiosk is very beautiful. it is reserve with the pelicans?

Olivier said...

en reponse à ta question, non Pascal Grousset n'est pas né à Evry, mais dans le quartier des Epinettes, toutes les rues (et squares) ont un rapport avec une periode de l'histoire Française : La Commune.

in answer to your question, not Pascal Grousset was not born in Evry, but in the district of the Epinettes, all the streets (and Square) have a relationship with one period of the French history: The Commune.

Chris & Deb said...

As the mercury drops into the dreaded negative numbers here, your site is a warm welcome getaway for me, and your photos 'take the chill off'.
Keep 'em comin'! Sunday's high in Minneapolis is expected to be ZERO!

A Slice of Life said...

The lighting gives it an almost magical feel. Is that the Pelican Prince I see??

susan said...

geez...blogger drives me nuts. Especially when I click to fast and it puts my blogger profile up!

Oya said...

This is the first time I visit your blog, and I find my smiling, while I was looking into your colors and listening the music...Greetings from Istanbul

Lessie said...

wow! That afternoon sun is spectacular!

isabella said...

Thanks, Olivier - now I will look up some info on the Commune period.
btw- the gazebo is reserved for Pelicans and friendly Frenchmen ;-)

Chris & Deb - glad to provide some shelter from the cold ;-)

Slice and Susan - is that why you switched to wordpress? I live in a community with a pelican in its name, so everything around is branded pelican ;-))

Nice to see(!) you again, Lessie.

Oya - you just paid me the greatest compliment -if my blog made you smile, then I have succeeded! Thanks for visiting!

Frank said...

Isabella, you amaze me. How can you live in that environment and yet maintain a proper perspective?
You must explain how you do it.

susan in atl said...

Some really pretty has been a long while since I've visited!

Linda said...

Isn't afternoon light wonderful? I love the slant of the sun as it sets.

alice said...

Light is wonderful,(again!)

Shorty said...

I love gazebos. I'd love to have one in my yard. There's a house in our subdivision that has one and I love it. The city also has at least two that I've seen and taken pics of in public parks and one at the old Ursuline Campus, now known as the Southwest School of Art and Craft.

Sonia said...

What a beautiful gazebo! This photo is wonderful!