Sunday, January 21, 2007


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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's got the longest wingspan of them all?" Here's an Anhinga checking himself out in the golf course mirror.


alice said...

Incredible and funny!

Rauf said...

Oh yes Isabella, thats what I felt, vanity. But I should thank you for giving us the technical name 'Anhinga'. We know them as a snake bird or darter. they seem to be very proud of their elegant streamlined structure and lovely design of white spots on their black and grey feathers.. The way they take off fly and land is a joy to watch. I have posted many pictures of them in 'blunt knife' I'll mail you some.

Your blog is a treat Isebella, I am enjoying my visit here sipping black coffee. the plastic people really shocked me. 'Excuse me please you are in my way' Thats what I would have told them.
Father and son picture is a beautiful song. I love the reflection there.

And thank you Isebella.. Now I know there is one more Naples.

Dsole said...

That's a funny shot! You catched him in a real cool moment ;)

Olivier said...

superbe, tres amusant ton post. il fait peut etre la cour au miroir ?

superb, very amusing your post. it makes can be the court with the mirror?

Anonymous said...

You have there a rich fauna. I was looking some photo blog from Florida, but I loosed URL. He had specially photos of birds, amazing birds you have there!
But I want to tel you, that I was looking now at photos of your Golden Retriever. I can imagine your missing. Our Golden enjoys snow as yours did in photos, which I saw.
Pictures were from somewhere else than Florida :)
Have a nice week!

Jing said...

hey, i am back, yes,isabella.
and so beautiful photos you have: nice colours. and the weather seems very cosy,not like here. envy you. would like to steal your nice weather though.

thx for your nice wishes for my dad,and nice comments for SHDP. i am so happy i am one of the you.

have the nice weekend. dear friend!

Irredento Urbanita said...

It has the right to look fine in front or a mirror, funny shot!!

Kris said...

mirror : your evil twins! :D

nice catch!

Frank said...

Great post, Isabella! I think Vanity is so perfect. That bird must be a male.

Lavender Lady said...

What a beautiful picture...and the music! One of my favorite. And yes, I do adore my son-in-law. He is such a good father to my grandbabies and treats my daughter very well.

Chris & Deb said...

he seems rather pleased with himself!