Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super sweet

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday (for my foreign visitors - think the final match in the Coupe du Monde ;-). I have nothing football related to mark this occasion, but I just learned that today is second only to Thanksgiving in food consumption for Americans.

Thus this photo of the Serious Cookie booth in Tin City, Naples. The lady in the window has been baking them for 17 years and - according to her - only ate one so far (yeah, right!). Each decadent cookie weighs 1/2 pound, costs $5 and you can choose from double chocolate chip, double chocolate chip with macadamia nuts, double chocolate chip with pecans and macadamia nuts...I think you get the idea.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: GO BEARS!


Olivier said...

deja je trouve cette enseigne sublime, il va falloir que j'en trouve une comme celle là a Paris. Pour moi c'est toujours ce Cookie Time (bien que j'ai jamais retrouve le meme goût des cookies de NYC en France). Mais je ne suis pas d'accord avec toi, GO COLTS et PEYTON MVP...on verra cela Lundi..
Tient je paris une carte postale, si les BEARS gagne je t'envoie une carte postale d'Evry et si c'est les COLTS qui gagne tu m'envoies une carte postale de Naples..

already I find this sign sublime, it will be necessary that I find some like that there has Paris. For me it is always this Cookie Time (although I never have find the same taste of the cookies of NYC in France).
But I do not agree with you, GO COLTS and PEYTON MVP… one will see that Monday. I bets a postcard holds, if the BEARS I gain send a postcard of Evry to you and if in fact the COLTS gains you send a postcard of Naples to me.

GiuCe said...

sweet way to know the hour ^^

isabella said...

Olivier - je vois que tu est d'accord avec Mr. Bush et Mlle Rice - ils favorisent des Colts aussi ;-)
J'adore ton pari - marché conclu!
(J'aimerai bien une carte postale d'Evry - tu peux commencer à l'écrire maintenant ;-)))

Ravenchase Junkie said...

I could use some serious cookies. Frankly, any cookies, seriously.

They sound yummy!

Thanks for posting some nice things on my blog. I like your profile picture. Cute.

Enjoy the game tonight,

Lisa D.

Frank said...

I am going for the bears - cheering for baby horses to win the Super Bowl just doesn't make it with me.
Thanks for the cookie, but I'll be having something a little stronger for the game.

Linda said...

Now that's a cookie. This is one Super Bowl where I don't care who wins. I must have lived in France too long.

Olivier said...


Thank you for your future postcard (and thank you Manning) ;o))
(je t'ai envoye un email... ;o) )

but where was the Bears during this super bowl? ;o)

Good day...

Ruth said...

Before I went to bed, the Bears looked pretty good, Izzy. Lucky Olivier gets a postcard. For our Superbowl treat we had French roquefort, so there you go.

Are you French? Seems to me I recall seeing that somewhere you are a French girl living in Naples. But you also lived in the Midwest, yes?

Thank you for such a sweet comment, BTW.

Curly said...

The Bears never did get going, their QB had a nightmare!

Great picture, I just love it!

While I'm here I thought I'd let you know that I have moved my site on to Wordpad, unfortunately that means it's time to update those links again.......sorry

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Nathalie said...

Bon le Superbowl je vous le laisse, les petits chouchous, et en plus quand je lis 'today is second only to Thanksgiving in food consumption for Americans" ça me donne plutot envie de passer mon chemin !!!
I'm a poor lonesome cowboy, I'm off to my secret hideaway boardwalk


Keropok Man said...

i agree with the big cookie sign. i can have a cookie any time of the day!

Rauf said...

love the clock, beautiful interiors lovely picture Isabella. i know that superbowl is a big affair. but don't know much about it. Not played in this part of the world.

Meg in Nelson said...

I couldn't help but to go see their web site. Yummy!