Friday, February 2, 2007


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This statue of a goddess adorns the entrance to J. Semmler International Collections, an interior decorating store in downtown Naples.

I find this post most appriopriate for today, since I threw out my back and will be spending this week-end in a similiar position :-(

Hope your plans for the week-end are more vertical!


Olivier said...

pour repondre a ta derniere question, non ma maison n'est pas rouge, c'est meme pas une maison, j'habite dans un grand immeuble.
ta statue est superbe, photo tout en douceur, on a envie de juste passer sans faire de bruit de peur de la reveiller.

to answer your last question has, not my house is not red, it is same step a house, I live in a large building.
your statue is superb, photo all carefully, one wants just to pass without making noise of fear of awaking it.

Jing said...

Oh, dear, isabella,
hope your back is recovering ASAP, sleeping beaty...;)
and i will ne in that position in a while. time for bed then.
have the nice weekend too


blueboat said...

Poor you. But don't forget to make the most of the lie down!

Frank said...

Sorry about your back, I hope you lie on a "blanket" like the other goddess because otherwise the ants will get you - and since you can't move fast...well you get the idea.

Linda said...

Sorry about the back. That is a bummer. I would like down in the garden just like your goddess there.

isabella said...

Thanks all for your sympathy - and yes, I enjoyed my lie-in to the max! Started on a new McBeaton book and saw a funny French dvd.
And it supposed to rain tomorrow, anyway ;-)))

Zsolt72 said...

its really cute:)

Rauf said...

Best thing is don't do anything about it, leave it alone, it will go by itself. my last two days were indeed horizontal Isabella.