Friday, February 9, 2007


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There are days when life seems to suck the last breath out of you and leave you flat and uninspired. Today is one of those days, so I'll just sit here quietly contemplating nature on our pond and longing for the simpler days - won't you join me?

"Take me away to those golden days,
Of ice creams and dreams, sandcastles and games.
Lay me down on strands of green grass,
Where dragonflies fly and grasshoppers dance.
Lower me into water so cool,
So clear and so blue.
Take me back to those golden days,
When I first felt that breeze and watched those waves."

Luke Jacobs


Olivier said...

ta photo (superbe) et ton texte m'ont fait penser a un poeme de Verlaine :
"L'on sort sans autre but que de sortir ; on suit,
Le long de la rivière aux vagues herbes jaunes,
Un chemin de gazon que bordent de vieux aunes.
L'air est vif. Par moment un oiseau vole avec
Quelque fruit de la haie ou quelque paille au bec,
Et son reflet dans l'eau survit à son passage.
C'est tout.
Mais le songeur aime ce paysage
Dont la claire douceur a soudain caressé
Son rêve de bonheur adorable, et bercé "
Je te souhaite un bon Week end

your photograph (superb) and your text made me think has a poem of Verlaine:
“One leaves without another goal to leave; one follows,
Along the river with vague yellow grasses,
A way of grass which border of old man alders.
The air is sharp.Per moment a bird flies with
Some fruit of the hedge or some straw to the nozzle,
And its reflection in water survives its passage.
It is all.
But the thoughtful one likes this landscape
Whose clear softness suddenly cherished
Its dream of adorable happiness, and rocked “
I wish you good Week end

Celine said...

Beautiful! I am so there. :)

isabella said...

Beautiful poem by Verlaine - I will save it for another occasion, if I may. Thank you Olivier, enjoy your week-end off!

Thanks for the company, Celine ;-)

Oya said...

Isabella, you are not alone. I am with you now...and listening your lovely music..

Dsole said...

Hi Isabella, i'm coming from Stayton now, saw your comment there.. Hey that's a really beautiful pic! I miss those kind of places, today is a little bit grey here, I'm a little in the mood too... :)

Chris & Deb said...

I am sooooooo there with you Isabella! Sorry I've missed the last several posts....LOVE the bird conflict - that's a great shot!
Would have enjoyed the challenge of your Tuesday quiz....but I'll catch the next one!
Still wearing long pants this week?

Lessie said...

Beautiful! Thoreau would be so proud. :)

alice said...

Juste bonjour, Isabella, en espérant que demain sera meilleur pour toi.

isabella said...

So glad you all could join me here -we'll need more chaise lounges ;-)

Oya - I feel you girl...thanks!

Dsole - sometimes "moody" is healthy...

Chris & Deb - does you visit mean that Sophie is doing better? I've been thinking about her, too...

Lessie, I'm glad you mentioned Thoreau: "The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom on fruits, can be preserved only by the most delicate handling. Yet we do not treat ourselves nor one another thus tenderly."

Alice - I'm feeling better with each visit, thanks!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Gosh!! It looks so warm and beautiful in FL. After two weeks of freezing weather, I really need some nice and warm vacation. :-)

Felicia said...

Pull out my chaise lounge too. :) I too am having the flat, uninspired, maxed out feeling - though your beautiful photo helps lift my spirit!

Frank said...

I will join you. You provide the setting and I will bring along a bottle or two of Merlot.

isabella said...

Ming - you can't leave NYC now, how will we manage without "the fashion week" reports ;-)

Felicia - there's always room for one more...

Frank - 2 bottles for the 2 of us? That might do the trick ;-)

Helen said...

WOW ... that is stunningly beautiful. I love the colors of the flowers!

Chris & Deb said...

Isabella-Sophie is doing a lot better...way better than we could have hoped in such a short time!
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
Some time you'll have to let me know how to include music on a blog! Love your selections.....

Carlos said...

Incredible lovely match between the poem and the idyllic luminous view. The perfect post. Oh my, the good old golden days! (sigh)

Lavender Lady said...

This is a stunning shot...I am so glad you shared it.,

Nathalie said...

Les couleurs saturées, les fleurs trop roses, l'herbe trop verte, l'eau trop immobile au reflet trop parfait me laissent un léger sentiment de malaise...Je suis chez les desperate housewives !

Rauf said...

It looks like a painting Isabella.

never heard of Luke Jacobs, hope he is doing well in his fifth grade