Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quiz Tuesday part 12

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No, I will not insult you by asking to name this lovely bougainvillea branch reaching over the fence, since you've already proven yourselves knowledgeable in botany.
Today, with apologies to some of my foreign visitors who will find this a bit of a challenge, I'd like to switch to another of my favorite subjects, poetry.

Here's today's question: can you decipher this poem by e. e. cummings:







freelancer said...

that smells spring good!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Thanks for commenting on our daughter's dog, Mack. And the flower is nice and would look wonderful against our snow. And the poem -- I am not sure what I should do but I think I spotted the word "lonliness" in the mix and then "A Leaf Falls."

Not sure that is the answer but I did try. LOL

Chris & Deb said...

beautiful photo Isabella!
A Leaf Falls On Loneliness....

Mandy said...

falling down
to the loneliness
that separates us from the tree

mandy smith

a fibonacci sequence poem in response to a poem by e.e.cummings and a photograph by isabella

may I republish your photo on my blog?

isabella said...

Mandy - I'd be honored...

Chuckeroon said...

Here it's so grey. Seasonal cloud, I'm afraid. Tks for the sunshine.

Jilly said...

Wonderful photograph! I had just exactly that colour bougainvillea growing below my terrace and it died at the end of last summer. Too little rain I fear - even bougainvilleas need some water and I didn't give it enough. Mea culpa.

Super photo

Jilly x

Olivier said...

En Francais, cela peut donner




"abeille sur la seule rose / immobile es-tu endormie"

Cela fait beaucoup penser aux travaux de Raymond Queneau avec l'OULIPO (Ouvroir de litterature potentielle)

Je laisse cela en Français, trop compliquer a traduire en Anglais

Tres belle photo.

Mandy said...

Thanks -- check out http://mandysmeanderings.blogspot.com/

ruth said...

Bougainvillea beauty. Lucky you.

Yes, it was San Chez! I almost typed in the name on Dsole's blog. Maybe we should meet up there sometime! How often do you get to Grand Rapids? If you're around this summer it would be great to meet you.

Hey, I happened to have my speaker on and you have music!!!! I never knew! It's very nice.

isabella said...

Olivier - would that translate to:
"a bee on a single rose/motionless, are you asleep"
Alice, Nathalie - is there a better translation?

Ruth - we spend most of our summers there, so...my people will call your people when we get closer ;-)))
So you never heard my jazz and blues vocals? Quelle dommage!

Frank said...

In order for me to read this poem (it is a poem, I hope) I first tried standing on my head - it didn't work. Then, I tried it upside-down, still nothing. Finally, I spun like a top and stopped suddenly - that worked, but I was too dizzy to remember anything.
After reading Olivier's answer in French, I give up.

susan in atl said...

1 (a leaf falls on loneliness)

Linda said...

I love ee cummings, at least the things of his that I have read. This is new to me. I like the poem that says I keep your heart in my heart. I just heard it in a movie the other day.

Lavender Lady said...

Reading the comments was a hoot today. You have the best posts! I always look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.

~tanty~ said...

A leaf falls loneliness or

A loneliness leaf falls or

A leaf falls in loneliness

Oh, I'm confuse :(

isabella said...

Thanks all for playing along and those fun comments!
Glad to see so many enjoy poetry, e.e.cummings and his best example of concrete, or shaped, poetry;
It reads, "Loneliness . . . a leaf falls." . . . or better yet, "L(a leaf falls)onliness."

Frank and Tanty - you've made my day! So funny...

Rauf said...

Thanks for the spelling of bougainvillea ( I coipied and pasted the word here, I did not type it Isabella )