Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Quiz Tuesday part 10

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Since I've discovered your weak spot - grossly lacking in botanical knowledge ;-) - I am planning to exploit it to the max! So here's a picture of a divine bush which is striking in more ways than one (hint!).

Today's question is: can you name this bush/tree?


Jing said...

oh...i need go to the library to find its name.
but so beautiful!!
and i like the view from where you stand....:D

btw. how is your back?? hope you are better....;)not be a sleeping beauty all day....

Olivier said...

je tenterais bien un 'Brugmansia x candida' (bien que l'on peut dire aussi Datura x candida) ;o).
Je proposerais stramoine en arbre ou trompette des anges (en anglais je crois que cela donne 'Angel's trumpet').

I would try a “Brugmansia x candida” (although one can also say Datura x candida) ;O).
I would propose stramoine out of tree or Angel' S Trumpet.

pastorrick said...

They almost look fake. I have never seen a flower like it before. Very pretty

Frank said...

Well Jing might go to the library and Olivier might use his intellect, but I think these are white sacs so I think it is a White Sac Bush, or a Sac Bush that is white. Or a George Bush that ... oh forget it.

alice said...

I agree with Olivier for Brugmansia or Datura and it smells nice, sorry Frank!

Keropok Man said...

i dun know the answer :-(

Rauf said...

looks like painted green so rich and saturated. How beautiful. The camera has a very good depth of field Isabella. please stick on with it until it refuses to work. old kodak digital is a work horse.

isabella said...

Bravo Olivier and Alice! I am especially impressed with Olivier for providing all the botanical names! Yes, it is Angel's Trumpets, which is also deadly toxic (although sometimes ingested for recreational intoxication in Latin America!).
Thank you Jing, my back is all better! I can take those walks, like you do, at lunchtime ;-)
Pastor Rick - they are real, believe me! And they come in many colors - my favorite is peach.
Frank and Keropok - thanks for trying!!!
Rauf - I have to agree with you. I've tested more digitals lately and none of them gave me the sharpness or the color of my "antique" ;-)

Olivier said...

j'ai gagne une deuxieme carte postale ;o))

ruth said...

No, no, no! I was going to say it's a lightning tree! I thought the word "strike" was a hint. Bleh.

It's a crazy looking tree, though, wow.

And BTW, I think you're shameless, taking advantage of us this way. So much flora there, and us ignorant and all.

Kuanyin said...

Yes, we have these here on Maui too! I will post some soon.

Nathalie said...

We have them here too and I had no idea what they were called. Great to get the info from the other side of the world !