Monday, February 19, 2007


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My lizard.
I got a lizard at the store. She looked at me. I looked at her. I took her home.
I saw my lizard eat four crickets. She was full.
I picked her up out of her cage. I held her upside down. I let her hang from my thumb. She wouldn't let go. She crawled up my shirt to my neck. She went down my shirt. She was wild. I calmed her down.
I put her on the couch. We watched TV.
Whenever I pet her, she falls asleep. I say, "Good night."

About the Author: EAR is seven years old. He likes lizards. His lizard's name is Lizzie.

(This is not Lizzie, but a lizard I spotted on my walk yesterday. I'm sure he's just as much fun as Lizzie, but I did not feel the urge to make friends).


Kate said...

Oh, this fine fella looks like he needs a friend. Good shot!~

Chris & Deb said...

You have a knack for spotting these reptilian critters!
So I guess we won't see any poems about your encounter....?

Olivier said...

belle photo de ce lézard qui lézarde sans se prendre la tête. et cela permet vite fait de faire un petit hommage à Jim Morrison

"Je suis le Roi Lézard
Je peux faire ce que je veux

beautiful photograph of this lizard which crack without being caught the head.

and that allows quickly made make a small homage to Jim Morrison
"I am the Lizard King
I can do anything

Frank said...

Leaping Lizards, Isabella.
I'm enjoying the "balance" in your photo. Get it, "balance" :-)?
So is it like a flea circus for lizards?

Lessie said...

You catch the best nature shots!

pastorrick said...

Cute little guy. Looks like it has a little apartment and everything.

isabella said...

Thanks all for visiting!

Pastor Rick - I think it's more like a condo, since he can make structural changes inside ;-)

Lavender Lady said...

He is adorable. I can understand why they are interesting to little ones...they are small.

santy said...

great catch!

Nathalie said...

Cute ! We have plenty of them here too!

Jilly said...

Great photo and love EAR's story.

Thanks for passing by Monte Carlo DP yesterday - it took a while to get added to DP family because I already have Menton - so am happy you found it independently.

All the best - Jilly x

Dsole said...

Great post, Isabella! I like this text very much, so tender