Sunday, February 25, 2007


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Today's post represents how I feel, after the roaring success of my 100th post party yesterday! Thank you all for coming and showing your support for NDP. Nothing can bring me down today, not even my neighbor's complaints about the noise last night ;-)

I spiral on unseen currents,
loftily, without effort
I leave the earth behind
on a soft breeze
absorbing the kissing sun
up here blanketed from all sound
save the soft flutter
of my feathers.
I oversee the earth,
the continuous struggle
for perspective and position,
knowing my place--
and uninhibited,
I choose my direction and
remain aloft as long as
it suits me.
I, the hawk,
free as air
define my days,
gliding unnoticed,
dreamlike through broad loops,
my shadow lost in the landscape,
and for an instant,
I know
I am the finishing detail
in God's composition."

Charles Albano


Frank said...

What, not even a hangover?

angela said...

The photo and the poem go together perfectly and the sepia effect is so easy on the eyes..
Great party. I think the 5th bottle of bubbly must have been off; I've got such a headache!!

Chris & Deb said...

I'm hopeful that all the snow we got yesterday is just a crazy wine-induced mirage and I'll wake up somewhere in sunny warm Naples with a couple of alligators licking my feet....
wait a minute-maybe the snow isn't so bad after all.
Congrats on a smashingly successful party!

ruth said...

Glad you're soaring . . .I have a bit of a hangover.


You're in the second 100! How thrilling!

(And thank you for such a nice comment yesterday here.)

alice said...

A bout the noise? Your neighbors don't like Sade?

Helen said...

I love the softness of this photo! Beautiful in sepia!

isabella said...

Angela - if you don't remember exactly what did you in, you must have had a smashing good time!

Chris and Deb - thanks for the warning! I was wondering what was licking my feet ;-)

Ruth - et tu? Were you hanging out with Angela? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good on the 100th post party. I guess I missed it. Thanks for coming to my place.

isabella said...

Alice - I'am just as shocked as you are! Not liking Sade? That's almost...sacreligious';-)

Helen - thanks for dropping in from Albuquerque...

Abraham - thanks for visiting! Better late than never ;-)

Dsole said...

I've heard that your reached 100 post!! Wow, happy 100 birth-post-day or whatever you called it!
But I get late to your party so i hope to enjoy the next for the 200th post!!
Have a nice day, and keep showing us these beautiful postcards!

Omaheña said...

thanks for your comment! I love the photo, and the fact that you are soaring! Congratulations on 100 posts!

Kate said...

This is an interesting composition!

isabella said...

Desole - thanks and sorry you missed the party!

Omahena - thanks, and I'm no longer soaring, my arms are just too tired ;-)

Kate - Hola! Waiting for March 1st!

Kuanyin said...

Congratulations! Have a great party all weekend long!

Jilly said...

Beautiful photograph, beautiful poem.

Your posts always inspire me and cheer my day.

Jilly x

Nathalie said...

Visited a bit late but the good thing is, the party was still on even the day after!
I enjoyed Sade, the blooming flowers and the company.

You should drown your neighbours or throw them to the alligators: the music wasn't loud at all LOL

Linda said...

Missed the party but love the photo!