Monday, December 3, 2007

Smooth sailing

“Jolly boating weather,
And a hay harvest breeze,
Blade on the feather,
Shade off the trees.”
William Johnson Cory

And how was your weekend?


freefalling said...

Not quite as good!
We were invited to a doggy wake.
But when we got there, the doggy was still alive!!!
She's had a wonderful life with an owner who adored her - she's old and blind and sick now and off this week to doggy heaven.
This photo seems kinda appropriate.

Isadora said...

Thank you for the question - it was a quiet, rainy and restful week-end. It would have been nice to go out on that boat you photographed.

How was your week-end?

OH, the dog wake sounds so sad :(

Olivier said...

belle lumière et belles ombres. bravo à la photographe

Beautiful light and beautiful shadows. Bravo to the photographer

Frank said...

Aren't you getting back a bit late? Or is it early.
At least we know what Floats your Boat :-)

Nikon said...

Great light, nice moody shot :)

Peter said...

I still painted my son's new flat... but now it's done (ouf!)! Need some holidays. A nice trip on a boat would be a good idea!

Jilly said...

Great photo. Wonderfully atmospheric shot.

My weekend - photographing Prince Albert, doncha know! And walking the Promenade le Corbusier with Beau - first time off lead and he didn't run away. A joy I can tell you as I used to do this walk with my Milou.

And reading the comments, what was the dog wake? Did I miss something? Well obviously I did....

alice said...

My weekend was windy and rainy...The first storm of the year in fact. But with a fireplace and some kids around, it was great.
And about yours?

K M F said...


'Through JoAnn's Digital Eyes'NL/Eng. said...

Hi Isabella,

I love the poem , you did that very well:) What a fantastic view!!! I want to sit next to you on that boat!

We had a WET weekend! Ooooooowwww storm and rain , so I enjoyed myself with uploading more photo's on the blog yeh!

I made again more series from the varying subjects I saw in Paris ,and posted them on my blog again,

Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)

Moi said...

i went shopping for winter gear which I never needed before but will soon be required!!!! and we got invited to this great farewell lunch party at a friend's place...also, we sold some of our existing furniture......not bad at all, eh!!! :)

Denton said...

Our weekend was unseasonably warm. I saw children eating ice cream while watching the Christmas Parade. However, the cold weather came back today.

Gordon said...

A great shot; I love the lighting; very soothing.

I spent most of my weekend maintaining my boat - had the reward yesterday with a very pleasant sail. On Sunday evening began the Christmas lead-up; playing carols and viewing a Christmas display - a good start to summer!

Joy said...

Weekend went so quickly. Looks like you had a good one :D

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