Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Smell the flowers

Truffles and hibiscus

"Don't hurry and don't worry,
Life's too precious to be rushed,
Take time to hear the blackbird sing
When the evening's hushed.

Don't stumble and don't grumble,
We're only here a while,
So smell the flowers on your way,
Enjoying every mile.

Don't groan a lot, or moan a lot,
Or dwell on stress and strife,
But see the wonders of the world
And all the gifts of life.

Don't hurry and don't worry,
Enjoy the sun and showers,
We're here for such a little while -
Take the time to smell the flowers."

~Iris HESSELDEN Smell the Flowers

Just a friendly reminder, during this stressful holiday season ;-)


Wendy said...

I enjoyed the photo and the poem to go with it. And, regarding the warming post - the pole and base were as cold as the winter weather, the only thing hot was at the top radiating warm air downward towards those gathered below.

Me said...

That is a delightful photo! Truffles would seem to be quite the garden dog. Great composition of color, and texture!

freefalling said...

What a sweety-pie!
He looks so obedient (he is a he, isn't he?).
Does he get prickles in his fur?
Is he a magnet for every piece of grass, lint, fluff, leaves, etc, etc?
(my Gypsy is - the summer prickles are driving us crazy!! - AND she's had a shave!)
I love hibiscus - shame those flowers only last a day!

Olivier said...

bravo, tu as réussi a prendre le bon moment en photo, et merci pour le poème, grâce a toi je découvre Iris Hesselden que je ne connaissais pas du tout

Bravo, you managed to take the right moment in photo, and thank you for the poem, thanks to you I discover Iris Hesselden that I did not know at all

Hyde DP said...

what a cheery photo for this frosty morning - actually the frost is lifting so I'd better get off this computer, shower and dress and get down town for a bit of essential shopping.

Moi said...

he's the wisest! :)

Anonymous said...

I am envious of your season being long and includes Hibiscus in bloom almost any time. Mine is gone for the season and will have to be replaced next year. Though I did move one into the garage, pot and all, after being frosted once or twice. Will see if I can keep it alive.

Nice photograph of the flower and Truffles. Also enjoyed the poem.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I enjoyed both and I agree about stressful season that honestly I don't love too much.

Gwen said...

What a photograph of Truffles and the colorful hibiscus. :) Truffles has a cute expression in this photo. Thank you for the poem during this holiday season.

Frank said...

Watta cutie! That was a nice shot! I guess he got a reward for being so perfect :-)

'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Isabella,
what a wonderfull sweet doggy and evenso the flower...

Look at my blog I made some naure photo's of animals and the weather here... Thnaks for visiting my blog.

And my header is alsmost with the same flower ( I think), what a co-incident ehhh? I am not so good in flowernames thoug so I cannot tell if its even the same kind...You better tell me (if you know it?)

Have awonderfull week/day

Jilly said...

Beautiful poem and how happy is that little dog? He sure landed on his feet with you. Adorable photo.

Yes, time to smell the flowers - too right at this crazy time. A very nice reminder with the poem and beautiful photograph.

Nikon said...

Truffles looks like he's going to attack the flower & eat it! (Maybe I'm projecting?)
He's a doll -

GMG said...

Stressful? Didn't notice... ;))
Beautiful post!
I'll be out from Wednesday through Sunday, but meanwhile leave you in Amsterdam!
Have a great week!

Ulysse said...

a very nice poem that is in harmony with my own philosophy

Richard (non-Blogger blogger) said...

What a great, unusual photo - has a surreal quality
Zurich Daily Photo

Sonia said...

Love the photo! I like the poem too!

Helen said...

This photo makes me smile! It should be a greeting card!

Albuquerque Daily Photo

Pat said...

Oh, what a delightful image!

Love it!


Pat's Photos
Guelph Daily Photo
Photography Cafe

Felicia said...

What a beautiful smile :) I agree, this could be your Christmas card.

Chris said...

Stressed? Who's stressed? ROTFLOL

BTW...Will be in FM next weekend. PLease make sure the weather is nice! ;-)