Tuesday, December 25, 2007


"The time draws near the birth of Christ:
The moon is hid; the night is still;
The Christmas bells from hill to hill
Answer each other in the mist.

Four voices of four hamlets round,
From far and near, on mead and moor,
Swell out and fail, as if a door
Were shut between me and the sound:
Each voice four changes on the wind,
That now dilate, and now decrease,

Peace and goodwill, goodwill and peace,
Peace and goodwill, to all mankind."

~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson Voices in the Mist

Warm and wonderful Christmas wishes to all my Blogger friends!


Rauf said...

Bad girl ! you forgot to wish Al ?
Please say hi and Merry Christmas and give him some cake.

6.20am Christmas morning here.
I am wondering why it is still dark here.
You are holding up our sun.
lots of love from India

Sally said...

Hi Isabella - thanks for all your encouraging words and visits throughout the year.

Festive greetings of the season, whatever the festival or season means for you! I don’t get much time these days to visit and leave comments for all my bloggy friends…but love catching up with pics when I can.

Kate said...

Thank you, Isabella. And don't we all wish for Peace and goodwill, goodwill and peace. Perhaps we'll get closer this year!

GMG said...

Merry Christmas Isabella. Have a great day, week, year!

Jilly said...

Merry Christmas, dear Isabella to you and your husband and of course that gorgeous bundle of fluff...

Ex-Shammickite said...

What a lovely picture!
It's Christmas Day here in Canada, the sky is grey, and the sun is hiding behind the clouds. It's cold and there are remnants of last weeks snowstorm still on the ground, making it a rather muddy white Christmas. But it's a lovely day, and I wish you and your family all the best, and may 2008 be a good year for you.

Nikon said...

I hope that you're having a great day and I look forward to tomorrow's photo!

Annie said...

Merry Christmas from American Fork, Utah!

Olivier said...

magnifique les lumières sur cette photo, cela fait une très belle carte de noël. J'espère que tu as passe un bon noël

Beautiful lights in this picture, it is a very nice Christmas card. I hope you have pass a good christmas

Frank said...

Great photo...
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!