Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it snow rain!

photo taken through the screen of the lanai

Finally! Thank you Olga!

Woke up Sunday morning to the sound of the rain - a rare occurrence here in the wintertime but very welcome! Like most of the South this year, Florida is suffering from extreme drought. I will expand on it in a later post.

I love rain...In the rain, no one can tell that you are crying...


Chris said...

Ok, Isabella!! No rain next weekend, okay?

Lovely photo. . . . .

isabella said...

I promise, Chris ;-)

Nikon said...

It does look like snow :-)
We have a little too much of the real stuff. Which is ok, unless there's ice underneath it.

Me said...

That's a couple of neat posts, those last two, Isabella. Long live Dr. Seuss! And let's hear it for getting some RAIN!!!

freefalling said...

What is that poor lonely lemon(?) doing, sitting out there all alone on the post?

Peter said...

You should not be ashamed of crying! Cry when you feel like it - of course preferrably by happiness!

Nathalie said...

Beautiful, and does look like snow!
You could have fooled us!

We did get snow in Avignon on Saturday, come and have a look!

Thanks for your reply re migrating birds. How long do they spend there before they move on?

Olivier said...

belle photo, elle me fait penser a une chanson de Jacques Higelin

"Tu dors ?...
Quel temps pourri...

Comme une image un peu floue
Une plage loin d'ici
Comme une algue qui s'enroule
Tes bras noués autour de mon cou
Comme une ombre sur ta joue
Les nuages de la jalousie
Comme ce parfum qui me saoule
Ton ivresse qui m'anéantit

On a rainy sunday afternoon
On a rainy sunday afternoon
L'oasis de ton île
Source au milieu du désert
Lumière dans la nuit
Tendre langueur fragile
Lueur d'amour en exil
Sous tes cils entrouverts

Le bruit du tonnerre qui roule
Et aussi, et surtout
Le goût de tes lèvres sous la pluie

Rien qu'une image un peu floue
On a rainy sunday afternoon "

Nice photo, it makes me think of a song Jacques Higelin

"You asleep? ...
What rotten time ...
Finally ...

Like a little fuzzy image
A beach far from here
As an algae that wraps itself
Your arms knotted around my neck
As a shadow on your cheek
The clouds of jealousy
As this scent which I drunk
Your drunkenness which m'anéantit

On a rainy Sunday afternoon
On a rainy Sunday afternoon
The oasis of your island
Source in the middle of the desert
Lights in the night
Reaching languor fragile
Glow of Love in Exile
Under your eyelashes entrouverts

The thunder rolling
And also, and above all
The taste of your lips in the rain

There is a picture a little fuzzy
On a rainy Sunday afternoon "

Anonymous said...

Rain? Good. I like the photo a lot.

We had a drought all summer. But come winter and we get a lot of rain already and snow on top of it. Lots of rain and snow has not eliminated the shortfall. So we are officially off the drought calendar.

Have a nice holiday.

isabella said...

Freefalling - I have a small lemon tree and Truffles...uhm...harvested one not-quite-ready-for-prime-time fruit. So, it's ripening on the (usually) sunny lanai.

Olivier - what a fitting song! Except for that "Glow of Love in Exile" bit ;-)

Rambling Round said...

Ah, rain! glad Florida and Georgia got Olga's rain. So did SE Alabama, but the rain line stopped just east of here. We just got drizzle, while the thirsty earth 10 miles or less east got an inch or more. Still waiting our turn!

Gwen said...

Beautiful view of the flowering garden you have from the screen.

HoodPhotography said...

Look at all those flowers you have still! Seems a rare site this time of year...

My fave song is playing thru my head looking at your picture ... "Like the Rain" by Clint Black. :)

Nikon said...

The garden is beautiful, I missed the lemon totally :-)

Zsolt said...

its a bit really like snow...but it would be very strange to see snow in Florida:)

Moi said...

isn't rain precious :)
it's chilly in these parts today...and I'm enjoying it totally.. went tripping to Ringling museum, Sarasota........i have to show you the pics of Cad'Zan!!!! it's a pretty building (on the outside) :)

Mandy said...

I love the lonely lemon balancing on the fence.

Felicia said...

It's like a beer on a hot day - sooo thirst quenching for all those plants. :)

Kate said...

Despite the drought, the plants and flowers look lovely and thriving, even before Olga.

Marie said...

Wow, the flowers were beautiful despite the drought.

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Isabella,

Great are your words I love that from you, this rain seems to be good for the plants... thoug too much rain is pain.... (in my thoughts, cause i HATE water! ha!)

Lynette said...

Wonderful flowers in your yard, Isabella. I have to say that I was sort of shocked to see the link Olga--that's my first name!

I’ve enjoyed browsing through your recent posts. In whatever way you celebrate the season, may your days be filled with joyous moments to remember.

Thanks for your visits to my blog!