Wednesday, December 6, 2006


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Pelicans on Estero Bay.


Olivier said...

on se croirait dans le monde de "Matthew Hope" ;o)
Voila un nouveau travail, le pelican gardien de bateau.
Superbe photo, ce bleu de la mer, en contrasme avec le bleu du ciel.

one would believe oneself in the world of “Matthew Hope” ;O) Veiled a new work, the pelican guard of boat. Superb photograph, this blue of the sea, in contrasme with the blue of the sky.

isabella said...

Olivier, thanks to your keen power of observation (and humor) I changed the name of my post today from Siesta to Lookout :-))) It makes more sense...Merci!

And how clever of you to make the Matthew Hope connection! Indeed, he practised law in Calusa, FL, the town named after Calusa Indians who lived in my neck of the woods, around Estero Bay. Bravo!!!

Jing said...

so blue sky and sea....
nice composition.

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