Friday, December 29, 2006

Primary colors

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Looking for a New Year's Eve venue? I have not eaten at The Dock at Crayton Cove in Old Naples, but their bold colors look appetising to me.

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If you don't care for seafood, right across the street is the Bleu Provence known for their cuisine gourmande.

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To make room for dessert, you might want to stroll over to Tin City and indulge in some homemade ice-cream. Bon Appétit!


Olivier said...

"bleu de provence" Vive la France La France en pleine Floride.
tres belles couleurs sur ces boutiques.

“bleu de provence” "cheer France France in full Florida. very beautiful colors on these shops.

Kate said...

There is a restaurant called The Dock in Stillwater, a small town close to St.Paul, where it's fun to eat in the summer while watching the boats cruising on the St. Croix river in front of the restaurant. Historically Stillwater was the center of the logging industry and it's fortune rose and fell with the logging trade. And, the St. Croix is a beautiful river to canoe.

Linda said...

There are several places that I want to eat at just because I like the exterior. This doesn't always mean they have good food, of course, but it can get me in the door.

alice said...

A friend of mine had opened a "crèperie" in Florida, but I don't have news from him for ages...