Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lion's Den

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Would you be brave enough to enter this store, knowing your Bible?

Fear not; Danieli is a lovely boutique with a "collection of gifts and furnishings seldom seen" (according to their brochure) at the Village on Venetian Bay in Naples.


Kate said...

Love the whimsy of it! We have neighbors who placed two lions one either side of their entrance which we laughed about because we thought it a bit pretentious for our neighborhood. My grandson and I anonymously put huge red bows around their necks this season. What am I teaching that lad!!

Danieli looks like a great place and the music is soft and festive!

alice said...

Danieli is also a luxury hotel, a real palace in Venice..."Luxe, calme et volupté" .(see Venice DP blog with Pierre!)

Olivier said...

les lions sont superbes avec leurs decorations de fin d'année.

the lions are superb with their decorations of end of the year.

ruth said...

That's funny, Kate! I never suspected you lived so dangerously. :)

Isabella, I would have no problem going into the Lion's Den since Daniel and his buds came out all right. Well . . dunno if I'd have God on my side tho . . . hope so!

isabella said...

Lol, Kate - I would've loved to see the neighbors' faces the next day! (did they keep the bows?)

And shame on you for corrupting our youth;-)

Alice, thanks for the link, I will visit the Venice blog right now.

Ruth - I know what you mean;-)

Kate said...

Isabella, go back to the postcard post---you are very, very close! You are gamely trying; think of some of the key words!!