Sunday, September 30, 2007


Parking in my community is very safe...thanks to the roving security guards ;-)

Today, I am introducing a new feature entitled "Strange animal facts".

"Strange animal fact" #1:
Turtles can breathe through their butts.


Felicia said...

LOL for your photo and animal fact! Those herons sure do get around town!

Rauf said...

i never knew the spelling of the word Izzidee, never used it. Now i am copying your spelling SURVEILLANCE. Thank you.

If i type a few words you would be under that survel thing. your phone will be tapped. Those paranoid people will have a file on you and you would be followed.

i think its a good idea. Make some weird phone call and they'll be on you 24 x 7, you get free security, you can sleep peacefully as they would be guarding your house, they will follow you, and protect you from muggers.
Keeping a gorgeous sweet girl like you under survellance is always such a pleasure for them.

Lynette said...

Fabulous photos! Great comments, too. And where in the world did you find that fact? Super-dooper.

Nikon said...

Nice shot - the heron looks so "in command."
You are a fountain of knowledge! I never knew that tidbit about turtles :)

freefalling said...

You made that up, didn't you?
You were thinking what a great joke you were playing on your readers, weren't you?
Fancy tricking your loyal, faithful friends with such nonsense about turtle bums.
How could you, Isabella!!??

GMG said...

What strange things happen on this blog: Heron guards, turtle butts...

Jilly said...

How distrustful I am. Of course I had to do a Google search on this fascinating fact - well, you've fooled us before, Miz Isabella.

And I'd like you to know that I actually have better things to do than type in words like 'turtle' and 'butt' - neverthelss, I'm told you are right. Bien sur. Except Google uses the word anus. Call a spade a spade...but then I know you are a 'laidy.'

As for a heron as a guard. Now you are talking. You'll find Monte Carlo DP today looks a little like Naples - or it does to my mind...

oldmanlincoln said...


I don't know about the turtle facts.

The heron is nice.

Sonia said...

Love the heron photo!

So curious that information about the turtles breathe!

Just now, I hear my dog Flora barks and I saw a beautiful heron walking slowly in my yard! Just great!

TOG said...

I posted one of those birds on my blog (Thursday, April 5, 2007) Pretty but not my friend. He ate every mature fish in my pond.

isabella said...

Oh, Jilly, you just made my day! Just thinking of you typing "turtle butt" into Google...Imagine the kind of turtle erotica spam you'll get now...which you deserve for doubting me ;-)

Jilly said...

Ha-ha - you are so right, Isabella! Next time I'll trust you.

Moi said...

they do???? i can think of better uses of butts though!!!!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Isabella;
About strange animal facts:
Turtles can breath through their butts???
Ummm yeH is that so?

And how about this fact:
Ducks and swans, male & female's they have only 1 partner always the same one, and if that 1 partner dies they really feel very very sad that the other can die too.

:)I red about this animal fact and saw it also on animal planet:)

John M said...

Now there's a strange coincidence!

I've also referred to these birds as being 'security guards'.

Not only that, but it was also in Naples, FL that I made the comment!

I am awaiting a visa so that I can move there to marry and live with my fiancée.

Your photos will keep me in touch with the place! :)

JAM said...

I haven't been visiting my regular spots as much lately, life is really putting a crimp in my blog visiting.

Cool shot of the critter, and I can't wait to get home and tell Lovely Wife the nifty animal fact I learned today. Of course, my Brother in Law is a human that can breathe through his butt, but it seems he can only do it outward.