Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 3

For the past 2 weeks we hosted our good friends from Germany. We knew that they were both athletic and adventurous, but they totally wore us out!!! For the next few days I will show you just some of the things we did on their vacations!

One overcast morning, our visitors on steroids (as we lovingly referred to them) insisted on paragliding on Fort Myers Beach. It was an exhilarating experience, gliding in the air, water dips at extra cost ;-)

You'd think that would be enough excitement for one day. But nooooo...That afternoon we took a 4 hour kayaking trip through the alligator infested Spring Creek to Estero Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately, the gators stayed away, but we could almost touch this 6 foot tall Great Blue Heron, fishing in the mangroves.


AraratDailyPhoto said...

Sounds like when my parents come to visit me - they get up at 4.30am!!!
(they're mental) and are on the go all day. They drive me crazy!
But I must admit you do get to see and do LOTS of stuff!
And I'd love a "go" on that paraglider!

Boddlabeer, boddlabeer! You know!!
It's something a ventriloquist's dummy says, it's tricky coz of the plosive consonants.
Arthur Wolsley (English) made it "famous" with his "partner" Charlie Brown.

Chris said...

You are braver than I am, gal!! And, you have more energy! YIKES!

Rambling Round said...

These photos should be called "Living Life on the Edge!"

Kate said...

So, you did go on the ride, too?! Super!!

oldmanlincoln said...

Nice photos. You have so many things to see and do there. We got more snow.

Nikon said...

Are you part of the flight crew?
I love the heron. Looks like a great place.

JAM said...

Sounds like you need a vacation to recover from vacationing visitors.

I've always wanted to do that parasailing thingamajig. Haven't yet though.

But kayaking?! That's...That's...That's way too close to physical labor for me.

The crane looks to be checking both ways before crossing the waterway there.

Jilly said...

The tourist office should be paying you for this tour. Love the photographs and what a fabulous day you all had. Would love to parasail - good deal safer I'd think that what they do here - jump off a mountain.

Best part of the day tho for me would have been to see this beautiful heron. What an absolutely treat and privilege. Such a great holiday you gave your friends. That's one tall heron!

Marie said...

Ah ah, I now understand why their economy is better than ours!
I liked your comment on my blog. So true!

Frank said...

So one Heron says to the other, "If I poke a hole in their boat, how long do you think it would take for the gator to catch them?"

Richard said...

I've neglected your blog for too long Izzy - just trying to catch up. A propos your visitors, I don't know if you are already aware of this site

Rent a German

Started off as irony I believe, but the guy got so many bona fide inquiries that it is now a business. Might ring a few bells with you

richard said...

.. did I say irony? I meant satire of course... ;)

Lessie said...

I've never been interested until now. Looks like super fun!

Moi said...

you took your camera along for the kayaking trip???? you are braver than I am!!! :)

i have always wanted to try our parasailing.......have never had enough money for it!!! :(