Monday, April 14, 2008

My destiny

"Just beyond the sunset
Someone waits for me
Just beyond the sunset
Lies my destiny
Where the purple mountains
Lie in deep tranquillity
There I’ll find the treasure
Of love eternally

Just beyond the sunset
Waits someone so fair
Just beyond the sunset
All alone they wait there
Their hair is golden
The colour of the sand
Their eyes sparkle in the night
Like diamonds in your hand

Just beyond the sunset
Lies a home for me
Where the world is peaceful
Like a paradise should be
Just beyond the sunset
Someday is where you’ll find me"

David Harris


sonia a. mascaro said...

Gorgeous sunset,Isabella. I like the poem too!

brian stout said...

beautiful.. the photo and the poem..

Steve Cuddihy said...

It's just not fair, this view of the sun....just not fair

[but I will use your photo as my wallpaper for a few days]

Slinger - Daily Photos from the Twin Cities

Olivier said...

un beau poème pour une superbe photo, bravo
A beautiful poem for a magnificent picture, bravo

Nikon said...

Beautiful sunset & poem.

Anonymous said...

Really nice view of the sunset. I also admire your poetry.

Bergson said...

il like the sunset and this poem

Marie said...

Wow, magnifique comme d'habitude. You made me laugh again with your comment!

PeterParis said...

The destiny of all of us! If it could just be as peaceful and beautiful as you and David Harris describe here!

Jilly said...

Ah, destiny. Always over the rainbow. Fab photo.

Anonymous said...

So iconic! Love it.

Anonymous said...

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