Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Canine oasis

John Craig Clothier, downtown Naples, consistently wins top honors for their "timeless menswear for the sophisticated man".

I would like to bestow on them one more - my own Animal Lover award.
See that doggie water dish in front of the entrance?
From what I could see, it was very much appreciated on a hot, sunny day.
A lot of happy tail wagging...And I don't mean me ;-)


Janet said...

How nice of them to leave water for the dogs! Looks like quite a posh place, except for the doggie dish.

Nikon said...

Nice gesture, I hope that they change it so it stays cool!

Olivier said...

la classe la boutique, et une très bonne idée cette gamelle d'eau.

Class shop, and a very good idea that water dish.

Jilly said...

Love it when shops and restaurants are thoughtful enough to do this for our canine friends. Well deserved award.

PeterParis said...

Certainly looks like an attractive shop! Maybe worth making the trip with present € / $ rates! When we still had a (small and very kind) dog, we actually quite often got spontaneous water for her in restaurants and cafés! I was often positively surprised!

crittoria said...

As someone who takes their doggie shadow with them everywhere, I can appreciate a store that thinks of our 4-legged friends. ;-)