Saturday, November 25, 2006

Whimsical commerce

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“… [The river] is my world, and I don't want any other. What it hasn't got is not worth having, and what it doesn't know is not worth knowing…” said the Rat. (The wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame)


Kate said...

Although my thought does not reflect your picture, your quote reminds me of Huck Finn, whose life on the river sustained him, too! The photo is so whimsical and delightful. Thanks for possting it and have a good week-end!

Jing said...

very lovely and beautiful store gate. what do they sell there?? mmm...the cartoon characters remind me that it must be a very interesting store to discover.

have a nice weekend.


The Hachés said...

Nice the angle.

Linda said...

Looks like a store I would like to shop at.

Helen said...

That looks like a really fun place to shop!

Kim said...

There's nothing like messing about in boats! Charming shop photo,