Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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In your opinion, do Americans go overboard restricting smoking even in the open areas?


Kate said...

Well, first of all, I like the scenery, esp. the blue umbrella, the sky and clouds. Wish I was there right now! Smoking? Since I pride myself on being a civil liberterian, these restrictions pose a dilemma. I also think that sometimes people have to be saved from themselves. Diseases from smoking are devastating, so.....

Anonymous said...

Saved from themselves?

A little condescending don't you think?

Olivier said...

ta photo est tres belle, ce temps, ce ciel, je suis sur que tu fais expres pour nous rendre jaloux.
J'aime beaucoup cette pancarte, je trouve que dans un sens il y a beaucoup d'humour.

your photograph is very beautiful, this time, this sky, I am on you make purposely to return to us jealous. I like much this sign, I find that in a direction there is much humour.

ruth said...

I don't smoke, and beyond the initial pleasure derived from the sulphur smell of the match burning, I don't care for the smell of cigarette smoke. So I want to be able to enjoy public spaces without that. But I can imagine if I were a smoker, it would be quite pleasant to sit on a beach wherever I want, watch the scenery, and light up. (I know, I'm always too diplomatic.)

Ham said...


isabella said...

Kate - Amen to that.

Olivier - t'es jaloux? Bon...j'ai réussi :-))) Merci pour trouver l'humeur dans la photo.

Ruth - have you considered running for office?:-)))

Ham - told ya! ( and ;-) right back at you).

Susan in Atlanta said...

Yes, it is going overboard. Of course it is.


And the nazi's who want to control that which they deem "wrong"? Are they any better than the overzealous religious groups that want everyone to conform to their views?

Ah, but the cigarette Taliban would say that's different. Different because they are trying to control them....ah, it's a different story when the finger is pointed at YOU huh?

Jing said...

that umbrella is so blue.


ruth said...

Ha! I'm afraid I would be like Clinton (not bad, eh?) who would stay up all night, apparently, to hear all sides of an issue.

Kim said...

When someone else's freedom invades another's (smoker's freedom outdoors vs. non-smoker's wish or need not to have to endure the foulness of the smell or health reactions such as asthma) then courtesy should reign. As Americans have progressively found it impossible to be civil and courteous to one another in public, some places, even outdoors, have been designated no smoking, perhaps because of observed or perceived excesses in discourtesy. Questions of one person's right to enjoy a place undisturbed over another would best be decided between those involved, but rudeness and inconsideration are so rampant, it's been taken out of their hands and been restricted.
Super, super photo!

Susan in Atlanta said...

You are just so much better than me aren't you?

I don't like the MUCH MORE DANGEROUS AND PREVELENT exhaust fumes so I demand that you stop driving a car! And the perfume? Gives me a headache! I can't wear it because it bothers me. To get in an elevator with someone REEKING really bothers me. So STOP wearing it. I have that right. I have the right to control you in order to make myself happy.

I am sick of this taliban attitude that's taking over the world. YOU are so much BETTER than me, aren't you?

Slowly you guys are trying to control everyone....because you all are so high and mighty and need to SAVE us all.

Same attitude that prompted almost all Americans to create the chaos and death in Iraq.

I'm sick of it.